How to use NAV Trends - dairy

How to use NAV Trends - dairy

With NAV Trends for dairy cattle you can display graphs for genetic trends for Nordic dairy cattle breeds. Here you can easily display graphs that illustrate the genetic progress (average breeding value per birth year) for NTM and other traits. You can choose to show the trends for different breeds, sex, and together or separately for the three Nordic countries (DFS – Denmark, Finland and Sweden).

NAV Trends - dairy is updated after the major NAV routine evaluations (February, May, August and November).


  • Click the flag on top of the page
  • Available languages:
    • Danish
    • Finnish
    • Swedish
    • English
    • Russian

Search parameters

  • Breed - NAV is calculating breeding values separately for three breeds
    • Breed has to be chosen:
      • Nordic red breeds
      • Holstein
      • Jersey
  • Country - country means the birth country of the animal
    • It is possible to choose one country or more:
      • DFS (Denmark, Finland, Sweden)
      • Denmark
      • Finland
      • Sweden
  • Sex
    • Possible to choose bulls or cows or both
  • Trait
    • It is possible to choose NTM or other traits. Choose one or more traits in the graph
    • At least one of these traits has to be chosen:
      • NTM
      • Yield
      • Growth
      • Fertility
      • Birth
      • Calving
      • Udder health
      • General health
      • Claw health
      • Frame
      • Feet & legs
      • Udder
      • Milkability
      • Temperament
      • Longevity
      • Youngstock survival
      • Saved feed

When breed, country, sex and trait is chosen, picture of a genetic trends is shown, including animals born from 2000 onwards. For each birth year the average index of the selected trait is shown. If the cursor is placed on the dot in the trend line, details of that year are shown:

  • Year
  • Trait, sex and country
  • Animal count: number of animals born that year and included in the average index of the trait
  • Average: average value of the trait from the animals born that year
  • Cows: With genomic test (%): proportion of cows in each birth year that have genomic test

If more than one trait is selected in the trend picture, it is possible to remove or hide traits from the picture by clicking the trait name below the picture.

Other features

  • Download graph
    • Trend picture is shown in JPEG-format
  • Show diagram/data table
    • Data is shown in a diagram/table
  • Dowload Excel
    • Data is transferred to excel

More information about evaluations and traits is available on NAV homepage.


You can send feedback through organizations web pages.