How to use NAV Beef Search

How to use NAV Beef Search

NAV Beef Search consist of three parts: BeefxDairy, Interbeef and NAV Beef. At the moment only BeefxDairy is ready for use.

BeefxDairy or BxD breeding values means NAV breeding values for AI beef bulls evaluated on their crossbred offspring from Nordic dairy cows). Dairy farmers can use BxD breeding values to select beef bulls across breed for producing crossbred calves that are easily born and have a good growth and carcass quality. Crossbred calves included in the evaluation are from purebred Holstein, Jersey and RDC cows. Up to seven single BxD breeding values can be published for each bull if the publication rules are fulfilled. The single breeding values are combined with economic weights into one of two sub-indices, Birth or Growth, which are further combined into the Nordic BeefxDairy Index (NBDI). The growth index and the NBDI is available in two variants depending on production system (see more under rearing period below). BxD breeding values are updated after NAV routine evaluation (February, May, August and November).


  • Click the flag on top of the page
  • Available languages:
    • Danish
    • Finnish
    • Swedish
    • English
    • Russian

Search criteria

  • Rearing period - The length and intensity of the rearing affects the economic values of the growth traits. Each bull get different values both for the sub-index Growth and for the total merit index NBDI depending on rearing period short (<550 d) or long (>550d). In general, short rearing period is applied in Denmark and long rearing period in Finland and Sweden.
    • Select a rearing period according to your production system:
      • Long (by default in Swedish and Finnish languages)
      • Short (by default in Danish language)
  • Breed
    • Default is “All breeds”
    • Possible to instead choose one or more of the following breeds:
      • Aberdeen angus
      • Blonde d’Aquitaine
      • Belgian Blue
      • Simmental
      • Charolais
      • Hereford
      • Limousin
      • Crossbreds (INRA etc.)
  • Birth country
    • Default is “All countries”
      • Displayed bulls can be born in any country as long as they have a herdbook number in either Denmark, Finland or Sweden.
    • Possible to choose one of the following birth countries at a time:
      • Denmark, Finland and Sweden
      • Denmark
      • Finland
      • Sweden
      • Other countries (except Denmark, Finland or Sweden)
  • Name
    • Type the name of the bull
      • Possible to search with only part of the name
  • International ID – to search for an individual bull
    • Type the international ID of the bull (only the number)
    • International ID is built up from country code (3 letters) and 15 numbers (for example FIN000000000046951). Country code or zeroes should not be typed when searching for a bull.
  • Show bulls with herdbook number in
    • Possible to choose bulls that have a herdbook number only in Denmark, Finland or Sweden
  • Show only bulls born between certain years
    • Type the years
  • Show sons of bulls
    • Type an international ID or herdbook number of the bull to the left and tick the box. As a search result you get a list of bulls sons.
  • Show grandsons of bull
    • Type an international ID or herdbook number of the bull to the left and tick the box. As a search result you get a list of bulls grandsons from the dams’ side.
  • Show only bulls with new progeny
    • Lists only bulls that have at least 50 new crossbred progenies than last evaluation
  • Filter with indices
    • Tick a box and select a trait from the drop down menu
    • Select if you want an index to be smaller, equal to or larger than a value in the empty space on the right
    • Type a value to the empty space on the right
    • You can filter with max 5 traits at the same time
    • You can remove a trait and the search result updates according to the new search criteria

After the search criteria is set click the Search button. The search result contains all bulls filling the search criteria. The list is sorted according to NBDI as a default.

  • You can change sorting of the search result by clicking the headings (ascending and descending)
  • You can select how many rows are shown per page, default is 20 rows
  • You can create a pdf or excel of top 50 bulls of the search result

Bull's own page

Basic info of the bull

  • Born: Birth date of the bull
  • Breed: Breed of the bull
  • Breeder of the bull
  • Evaluation
    • BeefxDairy (currently only available evaluation)
    • Interbeef
    • NAV Beef
  • International ID
  • Herdbook numbers in Denmark, Finland and Sweden
  • Number of crossbred progeny and herds for calf survival, 2nd and later lactations and carcass conformation score
  • Pedigree
    • Links to each bull´s own pages from bull´s name

Breeding values

All breeding values are visible in search page and in bull's own page.

Breeding value from the current evaluation is visible next to the name of the breeding value. Breeding value is expressed also graphically (except NBDI which is expressed on another scale with average of 0).

You can choose extra columns to be shown by ticking the check boxes above the list of breeding values:

  • Reliabilities
  • Previous evaluation: Breeding value from previous evaluation for trait in question.


Individual bulls might not have breeding values for every trait. This is indicated with blank on the search list and on bulls own page. The reason for missing breeding values is that the publication rules are not fulfilled.


You can create a pdf by clicking the PDF button on top right corner of the page.

Print bulls index graphs directly from the browser

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You can go back to the search page by clicking the Search button on top right corner of the page.


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